1st Apr 2014:
(1st-Apr -> 30th @ 12:00 AM EST)
Cash Prize Payouts! 1st place - $50 :: 2nd place - $10 :: 3rd place - $5
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Rapper Wars Rapper Wars is an exciting online game that you can play from anywhere with your web browser, competing against hundreds of other players from around the world. You can start your own gang by recruiting soldiers, buying weapons, and attacking other players and gangs to steal their money - the more money you get, the more powerful your gang becomes!

Start playing today by joining one of the following 4 gangs:

Through quick and witty rhyms, Eminem's group can bust other groups in no time.
50 cent lays down the heavy beats, representing the hood. If you blink you might just get popped.
The Game has game, and he has the skillz to deceive -- make sure you don't get tripped up in his game -- peace is just his front.
Snoop's dawgs are *bling*-*bling*'ing with the most rizzle, fo'shizzle. Smooth and smart, snoops dawgs master the art.
25% Speed Bonus
25% Defend Bonus
25% Spy Bonus
25% Attack Bonus

The Winners for (24 May 2010)

The winners were
The Winners for (29 Apr 2010)

The winners were
Vjay Ra
The Winners for (23 Apr 2010)

The winners were
Jester Jon
The Winners for (23 Apr 2010)

The winners were

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